Facebook – my comments

February 26, 2009

facebook_pic @Orli would like to be able to see all comments she has made on facebook


TweetDeck – multiple accounts

February 19, 2009
TweetDeck Logo

Please please allow me to manage multiple twitter accounts – it really is a must.

YouTube – resume playback

February 19, 2009

youtube-logo1I wishye that YouTube would give me the option to resume playback of a video from where I left off. Please!

Gmail – multiple inboxes not multiple messages

February 16, 2009

gmail_logoThe new Gmail multiple inboxes feature (google labs) is a brilliant addition to the product. The feature allows users to group messages (by tags) into different inboxes (or panels) which are all displayed on the same screen. It is a great feature for those users who tag messages.

However the messages that are moved into one of the secondary panels are still also displayed within the main inbox, almost defeating the purpose.


Provide an option for the user within settings which allows them to state that any message displayed in one of the secondary inboxes (panels) should NOT also be displayed within the main inbox

iPhone 3G – Predictive text (suggestive rather than assumptive)

February 16, 2009

apple-iphone-ukPredictive text on the iPhone is assumptive, meaning the user is required to reject any suggestions or the iPhone will just replace whatever the user has written with the predicted word. Instead, the predictive text capabilities should be suggestive, making suggestions to the user for them to pick from (instead of assuming the iPhone knows best).

iTunes – pause when streaming within the browser

February 15, 2009

itunes-logo1Browsing the web and listening to music or podcasts on iTunes at the same time is a pretty common activity. Whenever video or music is streamed within the browser such as a YouTube video, iTunes should be able to identify this and pause whatever content it is currently playing. Whenever the stream within the browser stops then iTunes can resume playback of it’s content.

iPhone 3G – restore layout of home screen

February 15, 2009

apple-iphone-ukWhen restoring the iPhone after a crash please remeber the layout and arrangement of applications within the home screen.

TweetDeck – who should i follow?

February 15, 2009
TweetDeck Logo

As I said in an earlier post, I use Twitter as a news source for technology/web/new media related news and not really as a way to keep to up with my friends. A really useful feature for me would be if TweetDeck (or Twitter for that matter) could recommend users which I should follow based upon common interests. Apart from matching keywords contained within tweets, I would also imagine that more complex network analysis (i.e. @username is friends with x number of people you follow) similar to how LinkedIn works, could also be used as a means of recommending users.

TweetDeck – links to read

February 15, 2009
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I rely quite a bit on Twitter for keeping up with technology news and blog posts. A feature that pulled out all posted links, along with the original text of the tweet and that could be sorted to display the links by number of RT’s, Favorites, clicks and most discussed would be awesome.

TweetDeck – what have i missed?

February 15, 2009
TweetDeck Logo

If you have been away for a reasonable amount of time (and not had connectivity, such as when on holiday) it can be very difficult catching up on all those Tweets you will have missed. Actually as the amount of people you follow grows it becomes increasingly more difficult to keep up even if you have been offline for even a short amount of time. This is very problematic especially if you use Twitter as a news source.

Provide a summary of what you have missed

Things to consider
– The user will need to be able to quickly see all ‘links’ that have been twittered – ranked by popularity (most clicked, liked/favourites or most discussed perhaps) and also by chronological order.
– I will want to be able to see topic frequency, e.g. Twitscoop but covering the time I have been away. This data should also be able to be pivoted and sliced by groups (for instance what topics have my colleagues been discussing as opposed to my friends)
– Most re-twittered tweets/users since last login